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Call Us: 843.455.9265 | Contact Us | Last Updated Nov 10th, 2016Why is Yogurt in Love the most unique and exciting frozen yogurt franchise opportunity available in the market today?

The answer is simple; Yogurt in Love not only provides the system, support, products, and equipment that are essential to developing a profitable yogurt shop, but we can also help you to select a highly profitable location.

After your franchise application is approved and you have approved your custom tailored franchise package, if you don’t already have a good location selected, then our real estate experts will ensure that you find a lucrative location, and our experienced team can even help you to review the lease.

Once these two steps have been completed, then our operations team kicks in to make sure your buildout is done effectively and within your budget.

You have the choice to hire the Yogurt in Love contractor who has an unlimited license in North America and a competitive price in any marketplace.

Beginning in South Carolina, Yogurt in Love now has successful locations from New Hampshire, to Florida, to California, and many in between.

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How are each of our franchisee’s able to achieve financial freedom by investing in an amazing franchise opportunity and succeed with a profitable and growing yogurt shops?