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Xdating usa chat

JUDY WOODRUFF: All that and more on tonight’s “PBS News Hour.” (BREAK) And in the day’s other news, President Obama says he will ask Congress for more than .8 billion to fight the Zika virus.

This Japanese TV footage shows the missile in flight shortly after Sunday’s launch. GWEN IFILL: There’s been more tragedy in the Aegean Sea.

More than 370 people have died since January 1 trying to make the crossing to Greece.

JUDY WOODRUFF: A new Syrian government offensive is driving thousands more refugees toward Turkey.

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The Syrians advanced again today, north of the city of Aleppo, with the help of Russian warplanes and Iranian fighters.

But in comments aired today, President Obama told CBS that it came as no surprise. Turkish officials say 27 people died in a shipwreck off Northwestern Turkey.

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: I think that we have been concerned about North Korea’s behavior for a while. The country’s coast guard recovered many of the bodies, with coffins waiting ashore for the victims.

GWEN IFILL: On the “News Hour” tonight: countdown to the New Hampshire primary. But top health officials today played down the chances of a major Zika outbreak inside the United States. Anne Schuchat of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention counseled calm. ANNE SCHUCHAT, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: We do expect to see infection in people who have traveled and are returning home, but we aren’t expecting large-scale amounts of serious Zika infection. officials say it’s really cover for efforts to develop missiles that can carry nuclear warheads.

GWEN IFILL: And Miles O’Brien on the ground in Brazil, the center of the Zika virus outbreak. ADRIANA SCAVUZZI, Obstetrician, IMIP: Try to solve the medical problem won’t be enough. It’s to be part of the budget he rolls out tomorrow.

JUDY WOODRUFF: The virus is suspected of causing birth defects in Brazil and is spreading across Latin America. GWEN IFILL: The political shockwaves from North Korea’s latest missile launch are still reverberating. At least 38 people died in the quake that was centered in Southern Taiwan. Two of those carried to safety today were 8-year-old-girl and her aunt who spent more than 60 hours trapped in a toppled apartment building.

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