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Here is the code where we launch the Do Work event operation, but more importantly we pass in data which the Do Work can use to perform its operations. Finally we extract data held in Gui controls exposed to the user.

I spent hours and hours trying to find this piece of information.

Even though the Background Worker is a nice drag and droppable component in the Winform arena it does not mean that it can’t moonlight in our WPF sandbox. We simply have to instantiate and initialize it ourselves. Run Worker Completed += new Run Worker Completed Event Handler(bc Load_Run Worker Completed); bc Load. Progress Changed += new Progress Changed Event Handler(bc Load_Progress Changed); bc Load. Worker Supports Cancellation = true; } With the goal of providing a cancel and progress status bar as such: Here is the code to add to our Xaml where it lives at the bottom of our screen. This article demonstrates all these topics : I write these articles to enlighten the development community as well as notes for myself as I work in the differing technologies going forward.

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For this article I saw many websites which would individually piece these topics together, but none of them showed the the whole process. The goal of the operation is to do the work, and that work is not done on the GUI thread where a user will notice the slow down, but on a background thread. Net is the Background thread which was introduced for Winforms.

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