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The love contract is a required document signed by the two employees in a consensual dating relationship that declares that the relationship is by consent.Additionally, organizations may include guidelines on behavior appropriate at work for the dating couple.An official, signed love contract policy should solve all of your potential problems with charges of sexual harassment at the end of a romantic work relationship. I wouldn't count on it, even a love contract reviewed by your employment law attorney.A love contract policy establishes workplace guidelines for dating or romantically involved coworkers.This policy, in conjunction with a strong sexual harassment policy and an effective reporting and investigation policy, should protect your workplace from litigation.Love contracts generally make arbitration the only grievance process available to the participants in the office romance.They eliminate the possibility of a later sexual harassment lawsuit when the relationship ends.If a manager chooses to date the reporting employee, they have been counseled to notify Human Resources.

In these companies, the sexual harassment policy states clearly that romantic relationships between coworkers are not the company's business unless fallout from the office romance affects the workplace.(If this happens, Human Resources staff, of course, and their manager in conjunction, would have to address the behavior.)A manager, however, may not become romantically involved with nor date a reporting staff member.They relieve the company of any liability during the time period of the office romance prior to the signing of the contract.At several client companies, managers and employees have attended sexual harassment training.The purpose of the policy is to limit the liability of an organization in the event that the romantic relationship of the dating couple ends.

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The main component of the policy is a love contract.

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