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Talty grew up in Buffalo and his take on the city as a place of broken dreams and broken promises suggests the story will be a procedural plot with a dash of by Connie Dial sold to The Permanent Press by Jodie Rhodes at Jodi Rhodes Literary Agency.A detective thriller about a dead Hollywood starlet, the murder of her agent and the discovery of an appointment book filled with the names of the city's most powerful and its corrupt cops.Bestselling Self-Help Books As the author of thirteen books, published in many languages, my goal is to give you the information you need to create the life you want.To read about or order my books, please click here. Through lectures and workshops, I can bring my expertise to your group or business, helping people to get motivated and organized, make better decisions, and make their relationships run smoothly, at work, and in their personal lives. Tina interviewed by Sheila Bender on "In Conversation" - KPTZ in Port Townsend, Washington • Dr.Both novels are centered on female cops and both are rooted in particular places, Talty’s in Buffalo and Dial’s in Hollywood.PHOTOS: 10 Biggest Book-to-Big Screen Adaptations of the Last 25 Years by Stephan Talty sold to Ballantine Bantam Dell by Scott Waxman at Waxman Literary Group. Envisioned as the first in a series about a Harvard-educated policewoman solving crimes in Buffalo's Irish-American neighborhoods, centers on the hunt for a serial killer who taunts the policewoman with cryptic messages.inaugurates a regular roundup of recent book deals that will catch the attention of consumers and Hollywood when they are published.Young Adult continues to be where the action is in the book market, especially YA science fiction and fantasy novels.

In particular, recent bestsellers like Suzanne Collin's s bestselling non-fiction writer and journalist Stephan Talty and another from former LAPD policewoman Connie Dial.

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Individual and Couple Therapy In my psychotherapy practice as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I welcome the opportunity to use my skills to help enhance your existing lifestyle, and to teach you the process for getting the very best out of your life.

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The novel centers on a newly promoted female captain in the LAPD whose career is put in jeopardy when her husband's name shows up on the list. This debut novel from 2009 University of Florida MFA graduate Phoebe North follows a teenage girl who is drawn into a rebel group's assassination plot aboard a spaceship but falls for the boy she is supposed to kill.

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Dial, the author of several other police novels (, the 1980 Brooke Shields hit)—follows a wealthy teen socialite and a young war hero confronting harsh conditions and their mutual attraction while stranded on an uncharted planet after their spaceliner crashed.

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