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She did, and it turned out he was a very successful land developer who owned five homes.

He wasn’t of modest means, he was just living in an apartment while waiting for his custom home to be completed.

Myth #2: You can tell you’ll hit it off with someone by their profile. I see women going crazy over someone who looks good on paper.

Maybe he says he’s looking for someone to travel the world with. It’s so easy to fall in love with a profile, especially if you like the picture.

I know, I fell in love countless times before I met my husband. She couldn’t wait to meet this guy who said in his profile that he volunteered at an animal shelter.

We found a guy with a great profile, but then she found The Thing: he lived in an apartment.

She asked “What’s a 60-year-old guy doing living in an apartment? ” I encouraged her to go out with him and hear his story.

Online dating is a fantastic way to create tons of opportunities, have some fun and, like I did, find fantastic love.I met my husband online and now, as The Dating and Relationship Coach for Women over 40, I help women all over the world meet great men every day.I see this all the time: Women approaching reading a profile like she’s doing one of those ‘what’s wrong with this picture’ challenges. Or maybe he has a picture of his Harley and you eliminate him because you just aren’t into that biker chick thing.She’s searching for that one thing that turns her off so she can eliminate him and move on. Maybe he mentions he belongs to a wine tasting club and there is a photo of him with a wine glass in his hand. Even if everything else is attractive, you focus on that and assume he’s a biker dude expecting you to join him. Here’s a real life example: My client, Karen, and I were looking online together.You definitely want to pay attention to what is in a guy’s profile, but remember that a profile is not a person. When you approach it trying to find something wrong, you will most certainly find something. I recommend that instead of setting out in ‘exclude’ mode, start by looking for three things you LIKE in his profile.

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When you start with what might make it work, I promise you’ll find far more men who seem interesting and possible.