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Its a site where you could put your most embarrassing, personal thoughts that you wouldn't even tell to a psychiatrist!Sentiment analysis or opinion mining refers to the application of natural language processing, computational linguistics, and text analytics to identify and extract subjective information in source materials. is an American multinational internet corporation headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, United States. The academic interdisciplinary field gender studies focuses on gender.If you don’t know what I mean, have a look at 15 funny Yahoo Answers questions from Yahoo users. If you need to work out those face and belly muscles, here you go!Smartass Answer: Turn the computer upside down and shake it. You see when you die a little microchip goes off in your brain and instantly deactivates any accounts you may have. If those got you hooked, check out more funny Yahoo!As founder Bobby Henderson says: With millions, if not thousands, of devout worshippers, the Church of the FSM is widely considered a legitimate religion, even by its opponents””mostly fundamentalist Christians, who have accepted that our God has larger balls than theirs. its basically a site where you could put your deepest darkest secrets and thoughts and have people respond.

From an entertaining point of view that is too bad, but on the other hand, we really want to make the world a smarter place.Smartass Answer: facepalm This is actually a popular troll question, that has been posted several times on Yahoo! Smartass Answer: I choose to worship God because I prefer worshiping real things over movie characters anytime. Yes, that’s also the best answer selected by the Asker. Subtitle: Would my cat like the heat from about 15 seconds in the microwave? During her free time she enjoys live music and spending time in nature.This question reminds of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Answers, advertising, online mapping, video sharing, fantasy sports and social media website and services. Gender is a range of characteristics of femininity, masculinity and others described as third gender.Generally speaking, sentiment analysis aims to determine the attitude of a speaker or a writer with respect to some topic or the overall contextual polarity of a document. The company is perhaps best known for its web portal, search engine, Yahoo! Sexologist John Money introduced the terminological distinction between biological sex and gender as a role in 1955. Moods differ from emotions in that they are less specific, less intense, and less likely to be triggered by a particular stimulus or event.

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It is one of the largest websites in the United States. Depending on the context, the describing characteristics vary from sex to social roles to gender identity.