When to take down online dating profile

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When to take down online dating profile

If he's good looking, he's probably getting many emails a day, and he’s checking his inbox. It sounds a bit odd to me, but I can pretty much guarantee that it has nothing to do with his commitment to you this early on in your courtship. Unless you want to see a him run for the hills and never call you again. It's wise to keep your options open until you have spent enough time together to want to make it exclusive.Prompted by this thread, though I've been pondering starting a thread on this for a while. (I'm specifically excluding relationships that are acknowledged by both parties to be non-exclusive) I waited a really long time, but I think that's just because I'm a space cadet.One of the new issues that comes from the popularity of online dating is the question of when you should take your profile down and the meanings and implications of doing so. I've been in a steady relationship since December, but just hadn't bothered taking down my OKCupid profile because...well, I have no good reason, honestly.

And this wasn't a secret from the person I'm dating (whom I met here, and not on OKCupid). This was perhaps the signal issue in my recently-ended relationship (which ended exactly as you so wisely predicted, with me being dumped unceremoniously for the 5th time in 10 months, after two weeks of intense dating.) Our first night together (since the last breakup), I pulled out the old laptop (and no that's not a euphemism) and in front of her deleted all my online dating-site profiles, and then turned the laptop over to her.You may decide after date three that he's not for you. Be the easy breezy girl and enjoy getting to know him. For exclusive articles and tips on dating, relating and mating in midlife & updates on Sandy's weekly radio show, please Like her Facebook page.You need time to decide if there is potential for a relationship. I was just getting a weekly email from them suggesting new people, and I'd just sort of delete them automatically without any further thought. (We had discussed while I was negotiating this time around how lovely it would be to take our profiles down, and stop this time-consuming, tedious, painful dating process) Instead she suggested we go into the bedroom, and I thought "Who can turn down that invitation? For the next few days, I tried hinting gently that she had yet to fulfill her end of the deal, but gently didn't accomplish anything, and I thought (since she had emailed me that she was committing for the long haul, and that she intended to yank her profiles down) that she'll get around to it in her sweet time, but of course, she pulled the proverbial plug before she got around to it. I'm married now but I don't think I ever took my stuff down, I just stopped logging in to the site. It's particularly confusing to me, because last week he had taken down his profile, and now he is very active again. Donna Dear Donna, When he logs into it could mean that he’s still exploring his options, which is healthy. I am not sure why he took down his profile last week.

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