Webcam chat randomly without creditcard required

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The problem is, the set up process requires a US credit card. If you don’t have any i Tunes account, you can skip this part and go on to the next section.

But if you already have a non-US i Tunes account, there are a few steps that you need to do before creating another one.

First, you need to log into your i Tunes Store account to change the country.

The reason we need to do this is because we need to pick up US-only freebies in the next part of the process.

This arrangement also limits non-US customers from getting US-only content.

To be able to access those goodies, non-US users could try to register for a US account.

Due to copyright issues, the i Tunes Store ‘discriminates’ against users based on their geographical location.

While the US and a few other selected i Tunes stores have all the goodies – including music, movies and TV shows – other countries can only access the App Store, Podcasts and i Tunes U.

The key to creating a US i Tunes account without a credit card is by not going through the official sign up process.The method worked like magic in my country, and I assume that it will also work from any other countries.From my experiments, I concluded that you can keep more than one i Tunes account on one computer, and all of your downloads from all the accounts can be synced with your i Device(s) without any problem.But please note that if you download apps using different accounts, you will need to use the same account to update the apps.We should start by downloading a free item from the i Tunes Store.

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It can be anything like a song, a movie, or an app.

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