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View  dating members online dating site profile gender

Understanding the ways people create online identities based on their “offline” selves gives insight into the interplay between virtual and actual worlds, our real world culture affects the culture we create online and vice versa.In addition, we examined the differences and similarities between men and women, using age as a variable.Using data gathered from personal profiles on we were able to compare the ways these sites mediated users’ identities through online interactions with the prospect of developing an offline relationship.This research project was developed to analyze the gender identities of users, they present themselves in their profiles and the kind of relationships they are looking for or expect to find using online dating sites.Standage gives reports of telegraph operators who fell in love while chatting online during slow work hours.

Relationships wherein people first meet online and then move offline, known as mixed mode, challenge established theories focusing exclusively on online relationships and provide opportunities for new theory development (Ellison, Heino and Gibbs 2006).

The study of online dating profiles provides interesting dimensions to research of identity, gender, and relationships in cyberspace.

Age and Gender in Online Dating Websites: An Analysis of User Profiles on Ed Chow D Coulombe Valerie Garcia Donna Vuu Jen Wade Introduction: Cyberspace has a great effect on how we communicate, interact, and form relationships online/offline, and affects how we see ourselves both in the realm of virtual space and real/actual space.

Online dating sites are spaces where the actual and virtual self are intended to be as identical as possible.

Within the domain of online dating, the self is presented through constructs of gender, age, and social interaction.

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