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Form validation is an important to any website programming.If you own a website, it is then common that you have a contact form or any other form for registration, login and so on.\n Special Characters are not allowed"); return false; } } } In the above Java Script, we basically create a variable to take all the special characters, which is then for looped for the entry in the form.If the function finds a special character matched with the variable, then the alert pops up then and there.Validating a HTML form for special characters is something which has been a concern for programmers and web designers.Today, we will see how a form can be validated for special characters with demo.It is necessary to do a server side and client side validation of the form before someone hits the submit button.

= -1) { alert ("The Field No 2 has special characters.

We create two fields of input with two different names as field1 and field2, and hence two for loops.

The onsubmit attribute tells the browsers that when a user submits the form or in other words clicks the submit button of the form, then activate the Java Script code succeeding. "; for (var i = 0; i < Form.field1.value.length; i++) { if (i Chars.index Of(Form.field1.At(i)) !

We call the validate() function when the submit button in the form is hit. = -1) { alert ("The Field No 1 has special characters.

Below you can find the demo and download of the demonstration.

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DEMO | DOWNLOAD The validation formula we use here is simple. HTML Markup: <form name="my Form" action="#" method="post" onsubmit="validate()"> <ul><li> <label> Field No 1 </label><input type="text" name="field1" size="15"/></li> <li> <label> Field No 2 </label><input type="text" name="field2" size="15"/></li> </ul> <button type="submit" value="submit"> Submit</button> </form> The form above has something called as a onsubmit attribute in the form tag.

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