Validating radio buttons using javascript cobweb guide to starting a dating agency

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Validating radio buttons using javascript

The Spry framework supports a set of re-usable widgets, written in standard HTML, CSS, and Java Script.You can easily insert these widgets — the code is HTML and Java Script at its simplest — and then style the widget according to your liking.

Each widget in the Spry framework is associated with unique CSS and Java Script files.

The CSS file contains everything necessary for styling the widget, and the Java Script file gives the widget its functionality.

For more information, see the appropriate sections about linking associated files in the topics that follow.

The CSS and Java Script files associated with a given widget are named after the widget, so it’s easy for you to know which files correspond to which widgets.

You must link both of these files to the page on which you want the widget to function and appear styled.

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Otherwise, the widget won’t have any functionality or styling.

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