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Updating sequence in oracle

Use Oracle sequences to generate unique numbers and set the CACHE parameter to high value, if needed. If it is positive, the values are ascending; if it is negative, the values are descending. The default value is 20; maximum value is maxvalue-minvalue. Forces sequence numbers to be output in order of request.

Tried removing a couple of ' PROMPT IS NOT NULL' conditions from the SQL, but seems to mess up the data. This query successfully retrieves all the rows where the menu prompt is not null. ( in case you didn't know about it - in R12, if you log in as sysadmin/sysadmin and choose the User Management responsibility, there is tab called Security Reports.

I was also interested in extracting the menus that have their prompts set to NULL but existent in the tree. ( see my in my reply the concatenation symbols (in the 1st 3 lines) were removed for some reason... You can use this tab to get a list of all users that have access to a given function (like Enter Journals) and you can export the results into an Excel worksheet.

Since there was an requirement from SOX Seggregation of duties to prepare an spreadsheet of Oracle Menus and Functions for all Oracle 11i modules.

With Non-Technical background, having hard time in resolving this.

menu_entry.entry_sequence sequence , LPAD(' ', 6*(LEVEL-1)) updating sequence in oracle-49updating sequence in oracle-60updating sequence in oracle-42

If there are performance problems due to sequences, then examine the row cache locks statistics in the v$system_eventview to determine whether the problem is due to the use of Oracle sequences. This speeds access, but all cached numbers are lost when the database is shut down.

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