Updating phpbb2 to phpbb3 Jerkingoff chatrooms

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Updating phpbb2 to phpbb3

Please read this document completely before proceeding with installation, updating or converting.

This document will walk you through the basics on installing, updating and converting the forum software.

) to a directory on your host and unarchive it there.

For more detailed information on using, installing, updating and converting php BB3 you should read the documentation available online.

If you have basic knowledge of using FTP and are sure your hosting service or server will run php BB3 you can use these steps to quickly get started.

(config.php|images|files|store) shopt -u extglob echo "Copying in 3.1 files..." rsync -a --exclude='.git' / / echo "Migrating the database..." php ./bin/db:migrate --safe-mode echo "Removing the install dir..." rm -r install echo "Done." The second parameter is the path to where you have prepared your 3.1 files, according to this guide.You should put your custom styles in this folder too.This time though, while reading through the update notes, I noticed that it is possible to update the database through the console (I assume this was only introduced in 3.1).That was the necessary prerequisity to be able to automate everything. /usr/bin/env bash echo "Upgrading Php BB instal in '' to 3.1 with files from ''..." cd echo "Deleting old files..." shopt -s extglob rm -r !For a more detailed explanation you should skip this and go to section 2 below.

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