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For that reason, and to keep the physical size (and price) of my book reasonable, I decided to pull out the i DVD section and offer it as a free download to anyone who wants it.

Click the Downloads tab on Peachpit's book page, or just click here, to open the PDF of the i DVD section of the book.

i Movie includes a database of 4,000 locations (cities, airports, and many landmarks), which sounds like a lot but doesn't cover the globe.

However, if you know the latitude and longitude of a location, i Movie can place it on one of its maps.

One of the flashy new features in i Movie '09 is the capability to create travel maps.

Specify two locations, such as cities, and i Movie creates an animated map that draws a red line between the two.

It would be easy to overlook some video-editing and DVD-creation features in i Movie '09 and i DVD, as they aren't immediately apparent to a new (or even longtime) user.

i Movie '09 is a huge update to Apple's consumer video-editing software—one of those releases where the flagship new features, such as image stabilization or the Precision Editor, really represent just the top crust of what's been baked in.

In the process of updating my book , I found myself slicing-and-dicing the new edition to make room for all of the new material.

Then save your own free copy—more than 70 pages!

For this article, I've chosen five tips that are easy to overlook, but that can greatly improve your video-editing and DVD-creation experience.

The situation with i DVD is oddly the reverse; Apple pretty much left the DVD-creation program alone this time around (with one important exception, as I point out in this article).

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