Updating a record using cursor canadian christian online dating

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Updating a record using cursor

The cursor is getting values from a column in a different table, using joins to get the correct values.

The result of the select query used returns multiple rows with different values.

So in general it comes down to speed & overhead vs. CURSORS are pretty much the slowest way to go, but have the least amount of overhead and are still useful even in MSSQL 2012 ...

DECLARE @Script varchar(max) DECLARE @get Script CURSOR SET @get Script = CURSOR FOR SELECT [Script] FROM Script Table OPEN @get Script FETCH NEXT FROM @get Script INTO @Script WHILE @@FETCH_STATUS = 0 BEGIN BEGIN TRY EXEC(@Script) --Working part.

Profiel ID from DIM_Profiel p, DIM_Employee Kopie1 e1,employee e where e1. I have used this all the time for any use of Cursor in my T-SQL.

TABLE VIEW (SELECT * FROM TABLE WHERE ENTITY = 123 (@ID) ENTITY ENTITY_TYPE VALUE STATUS_TYPE 123 1 1 1 123 1 4 1 123 1 9 1 TABLE VIEW (SELECT * FROM TABLE WHERE ENTITY = 456 (@Override ID) ENTITY ENTITY_TYPE VALUE STATUS_TYPE 456 1 1 1 456 1 5 1 Final Data Set below: ENTITY    TYPE VALUE STATUS_TYPE 123 1 1 3 123 1 4 3 123 1 9 3 456 1 1 1 456 1 4 1 456 1 9 1 456 1 1 1 456 1 5 1 -- Check and compare each row -- IF @Override ID = @ID (MATCH) ----- Set @ID to inactive keeping copy -- If @Override ID !

only work on PK values between 1-10,000 for first loop, then do the next 10k etc.

DECLARE @saldo_Q_previous FLOAT DECLARE @ID INTEGER DECLARE cursor3 CURSOR FOR SELECT ID FROM @my Table FOR UPDATE OF col2 OPEN cursor3 FETCH NEXT FROM cursor3 INTO @ID FETCH NEXT FROM cursor3 INTO @ID WHILE (@@FETCH_STATUS WITH my Table2 AS ( SELECT col2, col3, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY col2) AS sequence FROM my Table ), new Table AS ( SELECT t1.col2, SUM(t2.col2) - SUM(t2.col3) AS col3 FROM my Table2 t1 LEFT OUTER JOIN my Table2 t2 ON t1.sequence FWIW The major, compelling reason to use a CURSOR is when not doing so, will put too much of a hit on your rdbms.

= @ID (NOT MATCH) ----- Insert @ID data with @Override ID (COPY) ----- Set @ID to inactive.

CREATE TABLE My Table (Id INT Identity, Col2 int, Col3 int) INSERT INTO My Table (Col2, Col3) VALUES (2,1), (3,0), (4,0),(5,0),(6,0) SELECT * from My Table WHILE (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM My Table WHERE Col3=0) @Hemant Sisodia you can replace the conditional in the WHILE to an EXISTS which should be quicker as it short circuits. If you need to be to REALLY fast you can use your PK to loop through those records too, i.e.

The first result of the select query is 114, which is correct.

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The problem is that this value is assigned to all the fields in the column DECLARE @l_profiel int; DECLARE c1 CURSOR FOR select p. FK_Profiel; open c1; FETCH NEXT FROM c1 into @l_profiel WHILE @@FETCH_STATUS = 0 BEGIN SET NOCOUNT ON; UPDATE DIM_Employee Kopie1 set FK_Profiel = @l_profiel where current of c1 end close c1; deallocate c1; DECLARE @employee_id INT DECLARE @getemployee_id CURSOR SET @getemployee_id = CURSOR FOR SELECT employee_id FROM employment_History OPEN @getemployee_id FETCH NEXT FROM @getemployee_ID INTO @employee_ID WHILE @@FETCH_STATUS = 0 BEGIN PRINT @employee_ID FETCH NEXT FROM @getemployee_ID INTO @employee_id END CLOSE @getemployee_ID DEALLOCATE @getemployee_ID This is the simplest example of the SQL Server Cursor.

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