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They took us to a building on the outskirts of the city and they told us to clean off, to relax from the travel. The windows were barred and there was the constant presence of a guard," Maria said.Later, they confronted us with the fact that we would be providing sex services. In the Ukraine, now even the simplest of handsets could potentially save lives thanks to three of the country's leading service providers who have collaborated with the International Organization for Migration to set up a toll-free information hotline.Like many deceived victims, Natalia said she was destitute when a young woman approached her as she was working in a local market in her hometown.TMore Ukrainian men, women and children have been trafficked abroad and forced into indentured labor or prostitution than in any other Eastern European country since the Soviet collapse, an international migration group said in a report Monday. The recruiters who originally promised her a high-paying salary were men who posed as representatives of a legitimate employment agency.Maria says they gained her trust because they looked professional and persuasive."We went there and arrived in one city.Ukraine is a source, transit and, to a lesser extent, destination country for men, women, and children trafficked for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor.

Women were forced into the sex industry, or forced to work as housekeepers, in service industries, or in textile or light manufacturing.

The majority of Ukrainian male labor trafficking victims were exploited in Russia but also in other countries, primarily as construction laborers, factory and agriculture workers, or sailors.

Customers of Ukrainian mobile phone service providers , UMC and life:) can dial '527' from their handsets in order to receive information and advice from the IOM on migration and trafficking issues, and potential migrants will also get information on legal methods of migration.

Since 2001, IOM Kiev has provided assistance to more than 4,000 victims of trafficking, including medical care, psychosocial counselling, reintegration grants, vocational training and legal assistance.

Ukraine concluded a deal with Russia in January 2006 that almost doubled the price Ukraine pays for Russian gas.


Disputes with Russia over pricing have led to periodic gas cut-offs.

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