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Uban dating ghana

Context - urban growth By 2030, 60 percent of the world’s population are expected to be living in urban areas.

These market towns and administrative centres are of critical importance in facilitating exchanges between rural and urban areas.Rural populations depend on these urban services, including access to traders and markets to dispose of their agricultural produce and to access the retail stores and other facilities located in local urban centres.The intermediate centres also provide employment opportunities for rural populations and may, in some cases, help to decrease migration pressure on the larger urban centres.TABLE 1 Selected estimated percentage increases in urban populations (base year 2000) As long as issues of social and spatial polarization (so often linked to economic reform, restructuring and the internationalization of trade and production) are not addressed, it is unlikely that regional economic growth policies can contribute to a more equitable development and more successful poverty reduction.Structural adjustment programmes have had an impact on low-income groups and the dismantling of marketing boards has increased reliance on local markets.

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