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I never joined that site and I have no interest in just "hooking up" with someone.I am at the point in my life that I want a real relationship.I recently joined a dating site called Passion Search.It looks like a nice site and it was simple to join and search for members.The largest dating sites, such as and Plentyof, were found to remove location metadata from user profile pictures.But 23 percent of the 90 websites were found to leave metadata attached to the profile photo.Is there any way I can get passionsearch to stop sharing my profile? I was going to try eharmony, I guess I should have gone with what my friends recommended.

Users of dating websites share a plethora of private details but generally will not share their addresses or real names unless a stronger relationship develops through multiple online and offline interactions.I did find the monthly fee a little expensive though.What has me confused is that some of the members I have talked with say they are on the site Sexsearch.As a result of people taking more photographs with cameras and cell phones containing Global Positioning System chips, some dating website profile pictures contain GPS coordinates showing where a picture was taken, said Associate Professor Kai Larsen, who taught the class on Privacy in the Age of Facebook.When such information is not removed by the dating website, commonly available tools can be used to detect the location of a person’s residence or other locations frequented by the user.

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