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As an historian of fertility and reproductive health in South Africa, I am dismayed to read about the MEC for Health in KZN, Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo, and the people around him, devising an intervention that ties educational scholarship opportunities for young South African women to their agreement to a specific contraceptive regimen.

Having studied and published research on the history of nursing and medical education in South Africa, and the history of compelled contraception and sterilisation of women under apartheid, this paternalistic approach to fertility control is the opposite of the methodology and politics that our constitutional order seeks to shape.

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Virginity, chastity and other requirements of obedience, subservience and meekness were often requirements for women’s limited and very gradual access to areas of paid or public work such as nursing, teaching, banking, secretarial, retail or factory work. Later on in the higher education sector, when women were finally allowed to take degrees, it was the same pattern.

In South Africa these shared global experiences were elaborated under the constrictions of racial domination: an anxiety around the supposed vulnerabilities of white women facing rape and assault in colonial society was twinned with a set of ideologies around the supposed licentiousness of black women.

Menstrual cycles, pregnancy, menopause and related “conditions of the female personality”, such as hysteria, made it impossible, in the view of male-controlled social institutions, for women to learn, think, legislate, conduct scientific and engineering work, conduct business or contract services, own property, create high art, govern, and make public decisions outside the home. Some of the best run societies have female heads of state – in Germany’s case, the head of state is also a physicist, an expert in several languages, in lawmaking, and in financial analysis.

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In the 1800s and early to mid-1900s women’s entry into education was tied, by male dominated academies and regulatory bodies, to control over women’s sexual expression.