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Preop #anxiety leads to raised blood pressure & heart rate and is very common. Sally Emc When u come to think that France is the first country to support BDS and SO much more! Bear Alignment and Brake is dedicated to Vehicle Safety and Customer for the filthy terrorists -- there are those in every group -- and i'm fed up with individuals who think they have to single out one group or another including folks who are NOT terrorists.... Check out their piece about an #Israeli cruise & let us know what you think! ICTz Complementary treatments like guided imagery can help reduce anxiety before surgery & improve surgical outcomes, according to #Haifa Uvby Cris Bronsoni'm sorry, but there's no way i would attach anything to my dogs' tails to catch poops......

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i carry a baggie with me when we walk, i pick up and dispose of when i come home...... The Telegraph thinks beautiful #Israel may be next winter getaway spot, replacing Turkey and Egypt.

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