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Nato pilots are constantly monitoring the skies and sometimes fly within 10 yards of the 'enemy'.Seven German Typhoon fighter jets (left) are based in Estonia and four French jets in Lithuania.dating girl in riyadh Les Brierley, 68, from Bury but who now lives on the Sunshine Coast, survived 17 hours in shark-infested waters off the Queensland coast after strong currents pulled him 15 miles away from his yacht.pisces man online dating Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad also praised Russia and Iran for helping him to turn the tide in the fight against ISIS, saying Vladimir Putin had provided the 'firepower' needed.This sinister motto translates as 'everyone gets what he deserves' and was inscribed at the entrance to the brutal Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany.

meaningful dating The lives of the adorable cubs are hanging by a thread after campaigners said food supplies at the zoo, in the city of Taiz, southern Yemen, will run out in a week.

Taiz Zoo is currently home to 26 Arabian leopards and the survival of the new cubs is paramount for the species with only 80 of the big cats still alive in the wild.

Both are due to be rotated out in January and could be replaced by British Typhoon jets.

Neo-Nazi Marcel Zech, 28, who went swimming at a public baths with a picture of the death camp of Auschwitz tattooed on his back has been jailed for eight months.

Special forces in Mosul, said to be worth 1,000 ISIS fighters each, are terrifying the jihadi troops by wearing skulls masks as they make their advances through the last stronghold in Iraq to retake it.

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Russian fighter jets - like the Sukhoi SU-27 Flanker (pictured, right) - are constantly probing Nato's defences over the Baltic states, with more than 600 'interceptions' so far this year.