Sleep chat secret to dating

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Save yourself some sorrow and go get her cookbook ASAP. Other things we discussed in the show: Find out what the heck sleep even is HERE.Find out the right sleep time duration recommendation for your age HERE, via The Nation Sleep Foundation Learn more about the effects of eating late at night HERE, via The Washington Post.Stand Up To Cancer have taken over some of Channel 4’s most loved programmes over the last month, and they’re not over yet.Make sure you don’t miss a hilarious Gogglebox Celebrity Special ahead of the live show tomorrow.

Davina Mc Call, Alan Carr and Adam Hills will be presenting the live show, which will be bursting at the seams with flocks of famous faces, celeb packed sketches and awe inspiring stories.Over 9,000 people have, or are about to, benefit from these cutting edge trials, and this is still only the beginning.Today’s episode is all about one of our favorite topics, SLEEP!A great memoir about narcolepsy HERE, which we mentioned in the show!You can check out the Live Show Schedule Here Brought to you by Cancer Research UK and Channel 4, Stand Up To Cancer is an annual fundraising campaign that brings the UK together to accelerate progress in life-saving cancer research.

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Stand Up To Cancer takes developments in the labs and accelerates them into brand new tests and treatments for cancer patients who need them right now.