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Five months earlier, Gore kidnapped, raped and murdered Ying Hua Ling, 17, and her mother, Hsiang Huang Ling, 48.

When she couldn't, he offered her a ride, raped her, killed her, then chopped up her body.

I would like to say to Mr and Mrs Elliott that I am truly sorry for my part in the death of your daughter.

On July 26, 1983, Gore and his cousin Fred Waterfield picked up Lynn Elliott and her 14-year-old friend hitchhiking to Wabasso Beach north of Vero Beach.

They took them at gunpoint to Gore's parents' house.

I would've saved the state a lot of money if they let me.

I'd do it myself and have no qualms about it,' said Mike Daley, whose wife, Judy Kay Daley was killed by Gore in July 1981. He disabled her car while she was alone on a secluded beach, then waited for her to try to start it.

When I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour I became a New Creature in Christ And I know God has truly forgiven me for my past sins.

I am able to face today because I know Christ lives in me. So I do not fear today but truly look forward to spending Eternity with Christ.

I wish above all else my death could bring her back.

I am not the same man today that I was 28 years ago.

Waterfield left and Gore raped the girls, who were bound in separate rooms.

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  1. I know it.” But the psychiatrist shook his head as his patient walked out. He stuck a coin in the slot of the first one which displayed a lighted “vacant” sign, chucked his jump bag inside, and left.