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When it is necessary to break or swap hoses there is a built in drip pan to catch all fluid keeping the sight clean and dry with minimal spills.Each manifold is color coded, blue for water, black for mud.The Big West manifold / drip pan combos consist of two separate manifolds dedicated to mud (oil base) and water (brine water).

Each manifold is also equipped with drain valves for winter use.

Each manifold is complete with all electrical wiring necessary for the application.

Another advantage to these units are that some of the discharge valves not in use can be used to plumb into the upright tanks overflow to circulate and stir the tanks as necessary.

Robertson is an orthopaedic trained hand surgeon from New Orleans, Louisiana.

These combos allow the operator to hook up several tanks to the manifold and discharge to the well (drilling system).

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With each manifold being dedicated to either mud or water, there is no loss of fluid or messes associated with breaking and swapping hoses.

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