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We already talked about adjusting your expectations (a vastly important step in and of itself) and not letting your criteria stand in your way. I periodically get online and read online dating profiles, both men’s and women’s. Some profiles just suck and need to be deleted immediately. And you don’t get any sense of who that person really is.Today, we’ll talk about how to stand out from the crowd online. And I rarely come across a profile that impresses me. But most profiles are actually quite decent, but all have one thing in common: They’re GENERIC. And if you sound like everyone else, you won’t get as much traffic, and, even more importantly, you won’t draw , you have to get show people your unique self if you want to succeed online.In this environment, the IB may struggle to find like-minded people or have their awesomeness recognized.So, for the next two days, we’re going to talk about how the IB can rise above the fray and meet great people online. it’s Day 21 of 30 Days of Dating Advice for Intellectual Badasses.We’re into the crazy, unpredictable, daunting world of online dating right now.Interestingly, the Intellectual Badass has some advantage online.When you’re smart, cerebral, intellectual, shy, or introverted, it’s harder to convey your unique awesomeness when dating conventionally.

I’m not talking about making yourself sound better than you are – I’m talking about giving the online dating world a glimpse into your unique world.A Few Things to Try Don’t these sound FAR more interesting than telling people you enjoy walks on the beach/spending time with friends, that you’re a caring/funny/sarcastic person who lives life to the fullest/works hard and plays hard/enjoys the outdoors?Why sound like everyone else when you can sound like YOU? Try out different write-ups and see which ones draw in the cool people. Let’s face it: online dating can be a big suckfest.It’s a place where many singles put more emphasis on others’ hotness, height, or income rather than on attributes that actually predict relationship success.

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