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Online dating presents a relatively new method of meeting people and is still perceived as risky by some.I’ve heard everything ranging from what should be in your profile to how you select whom to meet or even message — most of which sounds reasonable, but can actually limit the results women can see from using an online dating service effectively.The way you describe yourself on our profile represents an important deciding factor for whether or not a guy will pursue a conversation with you, so keep the information you share true to your personality while staying relevant.The wrong guys will filter out naturally so the RIGHT guy can discover and fall in love with your cute habits on his own.Instead, select flattering photos that are as recent and as authentic to how you look in person as possible.You are beautiful just how you are; it will be easier than you think!To make sure you’re getting the most out of your online dating experience while staying safe, here are seven commonly followed rules of online dating — and why you should purposely break them.

Rule: Wait until after you’ve met the guy in person to give him your number.

Why You Should Break It: Unless you’re giving out your landline or your cell number spells out your home address, you’re good.

Why You Should Break It: It may seem like the photos of you at your sorority formal will attract the most men to your profile.

But whether or not it’s a mere coincidence you also happened to be at your skinniest at the time the photo was taken, if it’s clearly an old photo, any savvy online dater will assume you have something to hide.

Rule: Include your weirdest, quirkiest characteristics in your written profile.

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Why You Should Break It: I understand that you want the right guy to love everything about you, but remember that your written profile is your very first impression and even the most lovable quirks don’t always translate seamlessly to the written word.

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