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Ray lewis dating jemele hill

did it, if I believe Barry Bonds cheated, if I'll stick up for T. Yes, I discuss race openly, honestly and, hopefully, intelligently. It's also one of the few places in society where, 99 percent of the time, performance trumps race. But wait, let me to go off on a tangent for a minute, but it will relate. The sports world provides a great platform for racial discussions.

I could tell them the only reason I started taking journalism classes was because sex ed at my high school was being taught by someone who looked like he hadn't had sex since the Eisenhower administration. Well, there was that time I ran into a plate-glass window and busted up my whole face because it was some really clean-looking glass. His criminal sheet is so long he could have been a foot soldier for Tony Soprano. I can't be offended by what I can't hear half the time. Just like we had the Industrial Revolution, Reconstruction, and the Age of Enlightenment, I have had significant periods when I've hated certain teams or players. Kobe Bryant is the best player in the NBA until Le Bron starts playing defense consistently.At some point, your girlfriend wants to substitute your coffee with motor oil. I've gone through my "Even If Fire Ants Are Gnawing On My Eyelids, I Will Not Admit Michael Jordan Is The Greatest Player Ever" phase (1990-second retirement). I'll rephrase in hopes of getting a better answer: What do you hate in sports? Give me two things you believe that logical people think are utterly ridiculous. Oliver Stone's movies are based on the truth, the whole truth and nothing but. Are you going to be ESPN.com's black female bojangler? I was too busy Googling tap shoes, canes and clown noses. I'm not going to take myself too seriously, but I do have something to say. Now, the Titans didn't treat Mc Nair coldly because he was black. I am the columnist who plays the would-this-happen-to-a-white-guy game because there are just too many double standards. After all, African-Americans who work at have been accused of "bojangling" -- you know, behaving like a clown and making black people look bad. Look, I'm going to try to bring a sense of humor to this thing. I don't care if you're a postal worker, a florist or a sports columnist, black people all play the would-this-happen-to-a-white-guy game. So, if you're not a bojangler, what kind of columnist are you? Lewis' statement pretty much nails how a lot of African-Americans think.

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