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The collaboration was revealed in June and stole hearts with its poetic lyrics and warm and charming electric sound.Additionally, it served as a different genre of music for Park Gyuri to sing to, revealing her ability to adapt from her normal pop music.She was involved in a controversy in 2008 when she made a statement against eating beef imported from the United States; this led to a lawsuit by a beef importer in Seoul but the courts ruled in her favor in a rock music festival event held yearly in Japan for two to three days held in both Osaka and Chiba simultaneously.” The start of a new social networking site appeared to have the vocalist confused, considering that she had not made an Weibo account before.She was curious to know how to create and upload her first photo as she asked her fans for help.

She later released a tweet that said, “” with a photo, revealing that she posted a photo onto Weibo.In other news, KARA surprised fans as they released the teaser for their upcoming Japanese single “Summer Magic,” scheduled to be fully released on May 5th.The actress said, "I think I am in a situation where I have to be extra careful about who I date. There was someone that approached me, but I gave it a lot of thought, and I didn't date him," making everyone curious.SEE ALSO: [Jaejoong Wins] Battle of the Best Vocalist in SM Entertainment of All Time She also spoke about public relationships, saying, "I've never had public relationships.Both major rock bands and indie groups, both international and local, are invited to the music festival.

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Set to take the stage on August 15th at the Osaka Flower Stage, the act “KARA Gyuri x From The Airport” will perform “My Little Prince,” “Return,” and more.

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