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Sigrid has successfully practiced family, child, relationship and sex counselling in many European countries, United States, Thailand and Australia for over 30 years.

My aim is to Astrology is an ancient art which originated thousands of years ago.Based on the position of the planets in the sky (astronomy) and the positional relationship of planets to each other (geometry) and with a dash of alchemy and wisdom you have a very powerful and useful tool which can help you in life.The Astrological birth chart is a map of your life from birth to death, it is the map of the soul's terrestrial or earthly journey.The soul is not separate from the body but sometimes we lose our way and become disconnected from ourselves and our can use it to increase your wealth, function better in your job and generally find happiness so that you may thrive in life.

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If you are interested in the laws of attraction astrology can help you to find out how this works specifically in your life and how you can connect to the abundant source that is all around you.

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