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Nice dating place in cebu

You will literally dip the puso (wrapped rice) in the simmering hot sauce made from pork brains, liver spread, pork fat, shrimp paste, soy sauce, and their secret broth – served with 10-12 pieces of puso.This dish isn’t for people watching their cholesterol but it sure is worth the calories! If that pan wasn’t hot, I swear we could have licked it clean.After almost getting left by the plane in Manila going to Cebu, Larsian was our first stop for late dinner. In Cebu, bulalo is more known as “pochero”, and they have 2 versions: 1) your usual soup-based pochero and 2) sizzling pochero.It’s a popular market-style dining place for hot off the grill BBQ of all kinds – from pork, chicken, to seafood – cooked in their signature BBQ sauce. Kusina Uno and Abuhan are two different restaurants yet they’re both known and claim to have the best pochero in town.I don’t know what they put in their food, but Cebu’s grub was just that good that it tricked me into becoming a foodie in Instagram even for just a couple of days.We couldn’t try every recommended budget restaurant in Cebu as our limited time in the city permitted us to only eat and try the food in 6 places (another reason to get our butts back in Cebu! Now, they’re not all as cheap as the others in the list but they’re affordable if you’ll be splitting the bill with a group of friends.Now enough of the yapping and let’s get to the food, shall we?

Most boyfriends take their girlfriends to fast food joints when they’re on a budget date, Beep, meanwhile takes me to the UV Express terminal in Park Square, Makati to eat at the stalls (we’re frequent customers of Paotsin! We set a PHP7,000 budget for our recent Cebu-Bohol trip, so we had to choose the more affordable dining options. To my surprise however, I Instagrammed every food we feasted on in Cebu- with novel-length captions to boot!

Not only are their pochero the perfect meal to cap off a tiring night, both restaurants are also open 24 hours!

I think it’s a grave sin to go to Cebu and NOT eat lechon!

What’s not to love about a place entirely dedicated to affordable Grab a seat and get comfy, it won’t take long until they serve you your plate full of grilled BBQ with a basket of puso (wrapped rice). We tried the soup-based pochero in Kusina Uno and the sizzling pochero in Abuhan.

Both had plenty of servings in a bowl/sizzling plate good for 4 pax and both have meat so tender it falls off the bone even with just a fork’s prick.

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With a number of known lechon restaurants claiming to be the best one in Cebu, some tourists might just go to the nearest restaurant and satisfy their craving for what Anthony Bourdain says to be .

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