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Nashville dating blog

" They know very well the highs and withdrawals that come with addictive dating. "Healthy dating is different for each recovering addict.Below I list some key aspects that promote a healthy dating relationship.A mate should earn the right to be a part of that and it takes time to do so.* Your life goes on as normal after you start dating them. Plus, the first part of a relationship is supposed to be about courting. Ask your married friends and they will tell you, "Go out, go out now! You have got to "test drive" a mate for a while to see if they are worthy of getting to meet your children.You don't change your schedule, your hobbies, your lifestyle, your haircolor... "* If you have a child, DO NOT, introduce them to your children right away. Your children are sacred creatures and need you to be the protective adult.

A majority of my counseling practice is made up of women overcoming love and relationship addiction.The number one question they ask is, "What does healthy dating look like?You need to get to know the following: How do they handle conflict? I bet they would have given anything to have had the opportunity to wait the full nine months. It is going through the natural transformation process from batter to cake. As if that wasn’t enough to scare us into staying still we also have to realize that transformation requires a loss.We cannot move into something new while holding onto the old.Get to know the real person to make sure that is someone worthy of your child. My favorite teaching from my mentor is that I am okay and I am going to continue to be okay… We forget that some things do take time and that time is a precious gift.

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Also, don't make any big decisions about your new mate until you have gone through this phase. How do they manage their lives, schedules and money? Just ask a parent who gave birth to a premature child who is struggling with health issues from the early birth. Even though the batter gets crazy hot, transforms consistency, and you can no longer discern the flour from the eggs, does not mean that something bad is happening. Growth/change doesn’t happen while doing the same things over and over again. It requires not only willingness to do something different but also a willingness to live in uncertainty or fear while the transformation takes place.