Muslim dating customs

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Muslim dating customs

The Sharia is a massive body of regulations based on precepts found in the Koran and the other holy books of Islam.

It covers both the most intimate aspects of life (such as personal hygiene and sexual relations) and the most public (such as taxation and warfare).

The ban on warfare between fellow believers, for example has been repeatedly breached, while judicial procedures have almost never been followed and criminal punishments have not been applied.

This pragmatic approach to religion, which predominated for hundred of years, is known as traditionalist Islam.

The law of Islam has changed very little during the past thousand years; it represents the permanent goals incumbent on believers.

In the public sphere, however, the Sharia sets out goals so lofty Muslims have never been able fully to achieve them.

Fundamentalist Muslims have emerged in recent years as a major political force in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Although their activities sometimes do bring advantage to the United States (as in the Afghan civil war), these more often pose a danger to American interests.

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Traditionalist Islam began to lose its hold in the late 18 century, as the success of the West began to cause a steep fall in the power and wealth of the Muslim world.

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