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Musical updating romeo juliet

1 spot at the box office and fermented the kinetic gloss of the MTV era, Luhrmann’s film remains a modern classic.

Not only did it make a true star of Di Caprio, becoming his dreamiest, highest-grossing release to date (soon to be unseated by “Titanic,” obviously), but “Romeo + Juliet” also boasted a stellar mixtape soundtrack featuring Garbage, Everclear and The Cardigans.

Never fear, Kenneth Branagh and Rob Ashford’s interpretation of the Bard's classic, set in 1950s Italy, will broadcast to more than 1,200 movie theaters worldwide live from the Garrick Theatre on July 7.

“I really think it's so exciting to see Shakespeare on film and to watch plays displaced from their original setting into a new medium,” said James in a statement. ” The production is scheduled to play through August 13.

Most importantly, it connected with hip audiences by turning Shakespearean verse into a two-hour postmodern music video.

“Romeo + Juliet” begins with a blank screen and several bars of “Ave Maria,” which screeches to a halt when a television lights up and a newscaster reports on a pair of “star-crossed lovers.” This isn’t the same stodgy Shakespeare you read in class, Luhrmann announces, and the movie throttles forward with frenzy.

Radiohead’s guitars plucked in the background, Thom Yorke crooning, “I want to be someone else.” Just shy of looking straight into the camera, Di Caprio turned his angsty head toward the surrounding decadence ― a woman in a tight dress shimmied in slow motion for an apparent male client ― and his soul toward our eternal infatuation. The movie, of course, is Baz Luhrmann’s “Romeo + Juliet.” Twenty years after the disco-punk Shakespeare update grabbed the No., Robbins is set to take on the role of Bryce Reiger, a Silicon Valley genius, for four episodes in the comedy’s upcoming season. starring Patti Lu Pone and Christine Ebersole as cosmetics titans Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden, respectively, is a hit.The third series, headlined by two-time Tony winner Sutton Foster, is scheduled to premiere on September 28. A second and final extension of the new musical has been announced at Chicago's Goodman Theatre; the production will now run an extra eight performances through August 21.Our first look at the Capulets comes via close-ups of their platform boots crunching across the sidewalk, like gangster fashion models displaced from a Western saloon.The marquees atop adjacent skyscrapers scream “Capulet” and “Montague.” Here, our sparring clans are corporate mafia dynasties, their children comprising impetuous street gangs.

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When we meet the pink-haired Montagues, they pour out of a Jeep like the rowdy stars of an Offspring video.