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Mary zilba dating

The former Miss Ohio jokes about currently not dating anyone, adding that she's "looking for prospects."On the 12th floor of the luxurious Loden Hotel on Melville Street, the scene is surreal.Zilba texts on her handheld, while co-stars walk in and out of the room."For the record, Zilba says, that the real worst thing to happen to Vancouver is her show, but the Vancouver Canucks' Stanley Cup final loss and the looting and riots that happened after."That's worse. I would spend more time spanking those people than us.Zilba had a serious relationship after her marriage, she says, but it didn't work out.It's unclear who broke her heart, her boyfriend or her ex-husband, but whoever it was, she's healing well, thanks to the show.They are judging you because of the stigma of the show, and that's bothersome to me.Didn't your parents teach you not to judge a book by its cover?

It really hurt."Zilba is a former pop singer, with eight albums under her belt -- she's used to being judged on her music and her interviews.But she has never been judged as harshly as she has for the "Here, they're judging you and they have no idea who you are.The show's publicist hovers nearby."Dale Mc Kay is kind of cute. He just texted me," Zilba, a self-confessed "tweetaholic" offers, adding that she probably tweets more than any of the other Real Housewives of Vancouver. She gushes about one of her sons who drove her to the Loden that morning. Zilba, whose distress over her divorce is scrutinized repeatedly during outings and social gatherings by the Real Housewives in the the first two episodes, says the show has healed her heart.Her proud moment is interrupted as her friend and co-star Christina Kiesel walks into the room. "It got me over the heartbreak."She's even gotten to be friends again with her ex.No more of that heartache, though."We have a really good relationship," Zilba said, speaking of her ex.

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