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Surprisingly men seemed more open to the idea than women, " he reveals.

Particularly in India, where the next best thing after love - partnership - has a price whose currency (caste and cash) accretes another variable: mental and physical fitness.

This is why parents with disabled children looked for an equal alliance (if they looked for one at all), seeking out blind for the blind and deaf for the deaf, as they would with caste and class. As for the disabled seeking out their own partners - how could they, when for so long, the majority of them were concealed beneath the kitchen sink? Just like the mainstream is gradually opening up to accommodate the disabled through bigger educational and employment windows, it's similarly migrating to more progressive ground where the heart is concerned. "When we conducted our annual Partner Preference survey in 2009, we asked the respondents if a physical disability in a prospective partner would be a deterrent in their final choice of marriage.

If the millions lacking one or other faculty settle for a life without love because they waited and didn't see it coming, love isn't blind, it's narrow-eyed, calculating and opportunistic.

Love may be hard to come by for many, but for the disabled it has always been decidedly elusive.

He's 27, lean, handsome but believes he will never find love."Growing up, I always imagined I'd meet someone one day, but then the accident happened.Looks, caste and class - the narrow barometer of eligibility is replaced with intellectual compatibility, emotional resonance, and sometimes even physical parity when the differently-abled look for companionship.They call it 'falling in love' precisely because you stumble into it and don't deliberately plan the fall, love is accidental, not intentional, " says Oliver D'souza.This truth is borne out not just by the proliferation of special needs dating sites and community groups online, but also backed by people in the business of betrothals. While the majority said it would, a sizeable lot (35.

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76 per cent of men, and 8 per cent of women) said it wouldn't.