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It was, as in any of our exceptional eco-schools in South Africa, built over years of dedication and passion and as such has developed into the closest, truly sustainable school that I have ever seen.Below follows my encournter however to read more about the campus see campus is situated at an altitude of around 3400m.

I was delighted that Angchuk, the founder was there when I visited as very often he is away giving lectures on sustainability.

One of the most inspirational discoveries of this trip was finding Secmol campus, an eco-school in every sense.

The getting there was a 20km cycle down the truck-heaving ‘highway’ past the army barracks that litter the outskirts of Leh.

Here he is with Patricia Glynn’s book ‘What Dawid Knew’.

I knew he would appreciate it as the Ladakhi culture has so many similarities to the bushman, the only difference is that theirs is fortunately still very much alive (although changing fast! Soon after arriving I was taken on a ‘tour’ by one of their capable students Chuskit.

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What is noteworthy is that all students are instrumental in the actual daily running of the school.

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