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Before heading into the studio to record , they enjoyed an unprecedented period of rest, reflection and musical preparation.

As usual, they wrote the songs independently and conferred on the results — Tegan from her base of Vancouver and Sara from Montreal.

Tegan, single for a year and a half now, endured the breakup of her five-year relationship, while Sara, in a serious relationship for four years, has contended with feeling like the breadwinner.Both tracks, which demonstrate Tegan and Sara’s trademark pop sensibility combined with new wave exuberance, were made available on the duo’s My Space page in response to the leaking of the album.Their gracious reply to the leak fiasco is indicative of the growing maturity of Tegan and Sara, who were signed to Neil Young’s Vapor Records in 2000 after getting noticed as teenage winners of a garage band contest in their hometown of Calgary, Alberta.Although the buzz surrounding suggests the hype around a sophomore effort, the new release is actually the fifth studio album by Tegan and Sara, 26-year-old identical twins separated by eight crucial minutes that seem to grant Tegan a palpable seniority.Its title alone, indicative of furtive schemes or jail time, suggests that also skewed dark, but the ominous language of favorites such as "Speak Slow" and "Walking With a Ghost" — later covered by the White Stripes — was disguised by upbeat music influenced by pop rock from the 1960s and ’70s.

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In fact, they hint that , as an album title, refers to the coping mechanisms adopted to navigate life’s pain, guilt and fear.