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Fans of actors like Joe are (usually) on the outside looking in. However, sometimes I didn't update the site with new info as often as I wanted to.

He has covered the full spectrum of acting, from TV to film to theater. I may create an additional separate page in the future with my own thoughts about Joe, fandom, and the larger context of everything, the world, growing up, innocence lost, innocence found, etc. All of the info that was in the previous site continues here of course, with all the updates.He’s also done a little music on the side with a band called Roostir back in 2001. However, as this is also my own site about Joe I might create this extra "personal thoughts" page for various reasons.And in my case that person will always be Joseph Cross.If you are a first timer, I invite you to take a look at these pages that I have created and, get a glimpse of this person (through my eyes), or if you have visited my site before, welcome back and I hope you enjoy the new format! Alot has happened between the time I started to become a fan and now.:) I thought, now that Joe has reached adulthood, that redesigning the whole page was a good way to go. Sometimes I can’t believe how much time has passed.

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Joe has done alot of interesting and diverse things over the years.

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