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John alexander dating

Or when Lady Washington keeps sending him to have tea with the Schuyler sisters -- who's chaperones are apparently never where they're supposed to be? If he makes it out of this war without his own lovers shooting him in the back he'll be lucky. Lafayette is an overly-enthusiastic exchange student constantly vidchatting his girlfriend back in France; Laurens plays football except for when he's benched for getting too aggressive or injuring himself on the field; Hamilton, of course, is young, scrappy, and hungry, and he left the Virgin Islands on a full scholarship--not that the real details behind any of their lives come out until after many, many jokes about dicks and some poorly-advised life choices. It has to be worth it.”OR: Hamilton sacrifices a little too much for the cause and pays the price. The gang's along for the ride, and it's not a pretty one.And the British -- they're just going to have to wait in line. More characters come and go as needed, but this is heavily Gay Trio slice of life. (Tuesday/FRIDAY)**V 2.0 featuring fairly extensive content edits “It can’t be worth it,” he protested. Lafayette takes a new job that has John on tenterhooks and Alex greatly amused.“Smile for the cameras, Betsey,” he murmured, using the nickname only he had for her, “We won't let them know we're scared.” Very raw ideas for Hamilton fics that I'm hoping turn into more solid actual fics.I don't have much time to write so it will be slow, meaning if anyone sees something that inspires them, go ahead and write and be inspired:) Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens have been married for nearly two years, but they never felt truly complete as a family. I suck at summaries but basically Hamilton and Laurens on the journey to become fathers and raise a baby.

They are sure that if they were to have a baby it would fill the gap in their lives. Shameless exploitation of Alexander Hamilton's (lack of) height - Tooth decaying, cavity-giving, cotton candy worthy fluff.

Hamilton just really enjoys helping his boys where he can, and if he has to send them packages of super handy assignment-ready notes without them knowing it's him, well, that's okay too, even if he is a little more tired than usual.

Alexander swallowed and, once Lee was done, pulled her into a tight hug.

”, Lee shouted into the microphone and Alexander reached out to take Eliza's hand without prompting.“Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor! Eliza's hand was clutching his, though her face betrayed no emotion.

So how exactly to he end up falling in love with his commanding officer?

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  1. "I am lucky to have women who have such gusto wearing my clothes — they get it and have fun and don’t give a shit what anyone thinks." Scott recently announced that he had signed on with WME-IMG in May (he was previously with CAA).