Isex chat app purity in a dating relationship

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It pairs up people using an algorithm – it asks questions, crunches the data and compares your answers to get you dates.The app’s strong selling point is its match percentage based on your answer to each question, how you’d like someone else to answer, and how important the question is to you.Most of the apps are new so it’s hard to find figures for usage in India.We’ve chosen our list based on recommendations of people who have used these apps.

Spurred by the success of Tinder and Ok Cupid and their successful forays into India, there are now a bunch of homegrown, free, localized dating apps.You can also seek blind dates using the ‘crazy blind date’ feature.It was the first dating app to take the country by storm, causing groups of adults to huddle over their phones even more than before.It was the perfect answer to people’s dating woes, if you don’t mind making a snap judgment about a person based on just a photo.The apps all work on a simple premise: you sign up (either through Facebook or another account), fill in a few basic details, sort out your privacy settings and how much you want to share, and started choosing from all the names that show up.

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If two people have both liked each other’s profile, they get a notification and they can take the conversation forward.