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The second font featured in the image above is called Seanchló GC.

It is a popular Irish font, and you can get it from its download page at Gaelchló (whose interface is written in Irish).

Welcome: Auto Insurance reviews Modern Irish uses the regular latin alphabet, so any normal font will work fine, as long as it has the accented vowels — which most do.

Click on the language tab, select Gaeilge and add it to the list of your languages.

To get an uppercase vowel with a fada, simply use shift + Alt Gr + vowel.

If you do not have a European keyboard or an Alt Gr key, you can type fadas by holding down the Alt key, and typing the character code using the , not the numbers along the top of the keyboard. For Irish you’ll need these: Alt + 0225 = á Alt + 0193 = Á Alt + 0233 = é Alt + 0201 = É Alt + 0237 = í Alt + 0205 = Í Alt + 0243 = ó Alt + 0211 = Ó Alt + 0250 = ú Alt + 0218 = Ú If you plan to type a lot of fadas, there are ways to configure your system to make it easier. Click on the Input Menu, and go down the list of languages till you see Irish and check mark it.

This feature is not available when you use “quick reply” (the box at the bottom of each page).

If you have a European keyboard, you should be able to type fadas simply by holding down the Alt Gr key, pressing one of the vowel keys, and then releasing both keys.

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Now EVERY font on your computer has Gaeilge keyboard Format with all the fadas.