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That if you're a woman struggling to exercise, the men won’t laugh at you – they’ll just pity you.

“But the men stop what they’re doing and look at you with a smug smile and that bums me out so much. I won’t stop running up and down that thing just because they’re staring at me as if what I’m doing is out of the ordinary or unladylike.

F*** that.” Goulding doesn’t let it get her down - but that’s probably because she’s a famous pop star. Friends tell me the thought of men staring at them has put them off trying anything but the treadmill in the gym.

Some avoid the place altogether because they feel embarrassed by men seeing them in tight lycra.

“I go to the gym because I don’t have a good figure,” one tells me. But I don’t want people to judge the way I look when I don’t even like how my body looks yet. Because most men don’t shout at women in the gym – they sexually objectify them instead.

“I think it goes on without a doubt,” says Louis Durkin, manager of the men-only bodybuilding gym Muscleworks. If the woman isn’t as good-looking and he wants to use the equipment, he’ll look at her unfavourably.

It’s a caveman mentality.” It’s not just ‘caveman mentality’; it’s sexism.

But the men tell me that’s 'just the way it is', and women are going to have to get used to it. “Guys around girls wearing less clothing will always look a little bit.I don’t know how that can ever stop.” The only consolation according to Walker and Durkin?In a world where everyone seems to be running a marathon or triathlon, the gym has secured its place at the centre of many people's lives.Large companies offer workout rooms in their buildings, big cities have one on every corner, and ‘at the gym’ is now even a Whats App status.“I’ll run up and down [at my local gym] and not a lot of women would do that,” she told Women’s Health.

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