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Ireland is said to have a distaste for England as he is "A distasteful man not worth my time".All three are brothers of UK and have strange eyebrows, as do the majority of England's direct relatives.First introduced in the strips (and later the anime episode adapting) Turkey-san and the EU, he appears as a bedraggled sort of man with ruffled hair and a stubbly beard.He was not given a proper introduction, leading to fan speculation on the character's identity, but it was later confirmed that the character was indeed Croatia (created to correlate with the date of the strip's release, which was the time that Croatia joined the EU).Some of these characters are also not specifically any sort of country or kingdom, but simply other minor characters in the series , such as Shinatty.A character that has only been mentioned in Greece's bio and relationships chart, in which Greece worries about Albania crowding his home and wants him to leave.He has also appeared in a few sketches in the Halloween 2013 event being "lumped together" with Hungary and Bulgaria in the European Union.He has had no other interaction in the series since.

These characters often do not appear within the manga or anime, but are drawn in official artwork or sketches, or are referenced in official materials.A character that has no official gender, Himaruya has shown multiple designs for both a male and female Ireland with eyebrows like England's, but with a "different feel" to them.Though the designs were released in 2011, Himaruya mentioned that he had trouble creating an Ireland character due to the many images associated with the country.Himaruya has noted that amongst his brothers, UK would be known as "England", confirming that he represents both the UK and England.In a small sketch, England was given a big straw dummy, labelled "from your Big Brothers".

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It remains unknown why his brothers gave it to England.