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Also, new user registrations have been disabled due to the bots. Since the linknet dudes forgot or were to cheap to pay for, a lot of you are having problems connecting.Since I cant get into your sitechans and get annoyed, I found this cached list on google for the linknet servers. Its port 7000 on everyone (+7000 if you are in mirc to get connect with SSL). So, this fixed the date: invalid date `2007-02-29' errors you have been getting. This does not mean I'm planning a fat comeback although it IS fun to script again.If the filetime in the dupefile is 0, it will no longer say that its 13000+ days old.Instead it will keep quiet about the time and just give your the name of the uploader. Download There was a problem when checking the age of releases before moving them.Now, this should have broken it entirely but I have recived no reports on this and version 2.4 is not exactly new so I am unsure if this affected everyone. Download Fix: Only affects you if you use RUNLOCAL=FALSE in Server Name Location irc.France irc.Norway irc.Sweden irc.Montreal, Canada at Austria, EU irc.irc1Germany, EU Seoul, Korea irc.Finland, EU Czech Republic, EU irc.Missouri, US Fixed a problem when using --create --noclear and it tried to create a symlink already existing in the Search_Links directory. Download I've upgraded this website too many times and its getting buggy as heck. I'm a bit rusty and have no site of my own so this might be temporary.It would then actually create the symlink in the releasedir itself, causing a loop. I've reinstalled it from scratch and removed a whole lot of old junk. Anyway, it seems glftpd corrupts the time the file was uploaded in the dupefile file.

Tried my old script and it would have taken 2 weeks to import it using that slow thing. Its in Downloads_Quick / Turranius and is called xferlog-import_3.0 You can crontab it like this if you want: */5 * * * * /glftpd/bin/xferlog-import_3.0Due to the amount of spammers on the forum and me not having the time to update this site with the latest patches anymore, I've decided to make the entire forum read only.

So, I made a new simpler one that simply pushes the whole xferlog with all its info into mysql. It does not have all the documentation that my scripts used to have. It will still be there and readable by all for historical purposes.

This is what I read to announce how old the file is when unduping.

Since I can not fix glftpd, I added a cosmetic fix.

You can not and do not need to register to access the scripts or read the forum.

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