Fun live home cams

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Fun live home cams

Friday, November 4 The building has been extra quiet with two fewer pandas.

Even the newest twins have been just quietly making it through their day, eating and sleeping, and eating and sleeping.

She quietly scooted around and around and checked out the entire area.

That was a smart move on Lun's part -- Cub B was able to explore, but she was contained to the end of the hallway, about the same size as the half of the nest box that she usually sleeps in.She was pretty tired afterward and settled in for a power nap before having another snack!They are beginning to show a bit more personality and interaction both with Lun Lun and with us.We are continuing to get regular body temperatures for each girl in addition to stimulating them to eliminate urine and feces.During these times when we have to handle the cubs, we are beginning to see quite sassy little personalities.

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Both cubs are beginning to try to swat the thermometer away when we put it under their little arms.

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