Fucken speed dating in beverly hills

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Joel Mc Hale: I vote because I'm not a mother fu**ing communist.

Tony Hawk: I vote because it's way easier than doing ten eighty's. Busy Phillips: I am voting because Courtney Cox told me to. Jane Lynch: I'm voting so I can take my mind off of Kristen and Rob.

Of couse my girl, but at begin make blow job to me. And dont't foget that horse fucking is very strong, you must be careful. So be sure to go to the polls and vote for your favorite at least ten times. There was a parody song on the east of eden storyline due to david reyne playing the lead role of the husband who kicks his wife into crocodile infested waters.Jesse Tyler Ferguson: This wasn't supposed to be about you. Kathy Griffin: I'm voting because everyone at the polling place is legal! Neil Patrick Harris: I vote because it's all of our civic duty to help choose the people who will lead this country into the future.


Jenna Ushkowitz: There are three things that make me proud to be an American: Voting, our proud tradition of freedom and hard work, and Ryan Gosling. Also, I love hitting on the little old chicks who check you in. Joel Mc Hale: I vote because I have a weird thing about touching drapes in public. Chad Lowe: I'm voting because as the responsible Lowe brother, it's my duty.

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