Erase without invalidating iterator

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Erase without invalidating iterator

will give you iterators pointing at the start and end of the list. Return an iterator to the last element of the list. Remove an element from the end of the list and return it Add @elements to the start of the list. Note that this invalidates , therefore it returns the next iterator.

Linked lists in Perl are practically never faster than arrays anyways, if you're looking at this because you think it will be faster please think again. The QMutable List Iterator class provides a Java-style non-const iterator for QList and QQueue.This module provides a double linked list for Perl.You should ordinarily use arrays instead of this, they are faster for almost any usage.However there is a small set of use-cases where linked lists are necessary.

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While you can use the list as an object directly, for most purposes it's recommended to use iterators. Return an iterator to the first element of the list.