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Engage where dating gets social

YOU CAN WIN THE POPULAR VOTE (which KKKlinton did) AND STILL LOSE THE PRESIDENCY (which KKKlinton did) all we did was show those who REALLLLLLLLLY vote for the president in December who we think they should vote for..

#stephensmith went in on #colinkaepernick on #firsttake for not voting...

Wearing frayed jeans teamed with a black crop top, she accessorised her look with a Givenchy handabg and peep toe shoes.

Sadly this exact pair have since sold out, but follow the link on the right to shop the current footwear collection at Net-a-Porter.

You know the devil been running this thing for a long time. And I'm not talking about like King either it's time to change, change the voting system and impeach that mf trump.

I'm not scared I have God on my side, and forget bring a doctor I'm changing my major to political science I can't stand seeing all this mess. Hey look at it this way The past 3 elections were won by a idiot a black man and a moron if that don't prove anybody can be President of these United States NOTHING WILL!!

basically said you talk all that crap about a system you didn't partake in the process..

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you can't stand or kneel for something and then lay down SEEKING A NICE KIND WOMAN TO KNOW AND HAVE IN MY HOME WITH ME HERE IN SOUTH CAROLINA..