Enfp dating advice

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Enfp dating advice

At the age of 15 Antonia picked up a book on personality psychology and her world changed forever.She began to see the patterns of why people do what they do – not based on behavior alone – but based on how the mind works.Here are our tips for creating a happily-ever-after even if your mate is your opposite: If I ruled the world (or at least the marriage license bureau) matrimony would be contingent on completion of the Myers Briggs personality test – just so all parties are fully aware of what they’re getting into.Antonia has co-developed a 6-month profiler training course that teaches coaches and business professionals how to "speed read" people, understand how their mind works and then work with the unique personality for achievement, life purpose, or team building.On more than one occasion I’ve been asked how I’ve managed to stay married for as long as I have.

Still, we’ve navigated our multitude of differences and lived to tell everyone about it.

Studies suggest falling for your opposite isn’t at all uncommon.

When you are in a relationship with your polar opposite you can either be at each other’s throats 24/7 or find a way to live in harmony.

Since mariticide is illegal, we decided to find a way to work around our differences without killing one another, and we did – several of them.

We do find our counterparts intriguing, and intrigue often gives way to love.

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But, after the new wears off and the rush of romance has faded, you may find those differences annoying, grating or downright frustrating.

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